Anglesey Abbey

May half term is over and we have had a quiet(ish) week. Ben realised that he had some holiday club sessions that needed using so we put Max (5) into a holiday club for 3 whole days and it was bliss. Not only was he out all day being entertained by somebody else, but when he was home he was too tired to get into mischief – although I did walk into the kitchen one evening to find him making brownies on his own. He will never sit quietly and watch tv. Ever. It’s funny to me because weren’t our parents always trying to get us to stop watching TV? – mine were! And I just want him to sit still for 5 minutes.

Ben was off work on Friday which we all agreed felt like a Saturday, so today was actually a bonus Saturday.

We were starting to miss the days where we used to pack a picnic and walk around beautiful gardens (it has been a while), so I choose a National Trust property, Anglesey Abbey, for us to visit. I wanted to find somewhere with a good outdoor play area, especially for Max and his boundless energy.

When we arrived, the lady at the desk pointed out a beautiful route around the abbey and towards the mill, then added “but looking at your children you’re best bet is to walk this way to the wild play area”.

So that’s where we went. It was about a 20 minute walk through woodland. We stopped and ate our picnic on one of the lawns, and while we were there I tried to take a photo of Sam amongst all the daisies, underneath a tree. Seconds later Max arrived wanting to be in the picture, followed by George, Ben, and then Isabel. Everyone just sat together having a laugh. Nobody looked at the camera, but that’s ok, they were all relaxed and having fun together. Oliver was climbing a nearby tree.

We wandered around, the outdoor play area was good – they have build a two story tree house around a tree, and there were bales of hay to climb on, and hammocks to relax in.

When we were finished in the woodland areas, we also had time for the beautiful walk around the gardens and towards the mill.

And even though Max can bounce of the walls and never sit still, he is also the type of boy who will tenderly cup a rose in his hand so that he can smell it. You don’t have to get this close to the roses though to smell them, the whole garden smelt like roses.

We had a wonderful time at Anglesey Abbey. I’m so glad we made time for a day out this week. I would have hated half term to pass us by completely!

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