Beacon Hill Country Park

A Day Out With Kids at Beacon Hill Country Park Leicestershire

Saturday Afternoon Family Walk at Beacon Hill Country Park

Beacon Hill is the highest point in Leicestershire, and has some incredible views. My husband tells me it’s an extinct volcano. He came here in the summer and was keen to come back to show us the views.

The kids spent some time climbing over the rocks with their Dad while I sat on the grass nearby and had to change the baby’s nappy – and all his clothes! Typical top-of-the-hill, outdoors, inconvenient baby moments that I seem to have to deal with often.

Beacon Hill Country Park has a lovely play area. We were the only ones there – on a Saturday afternoon! Where were the people? The kids still chose to move around as a group and play on everything together.

Swings at Beacon Hill Country park

I love October. Especially when the sun is shining. We had a great time at Beacon Hill Country Park, and also Cattows Farm today.

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