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Today is my birthday! But with my husband away for the week it doesn’t really feel like my birthday. I had been thinking about what I wanted to do as I had a few months notice that he would be away, and I am left all alone with the children for the first time since having the baby. I just wanted to be out the house. So I have taken the kids back to the south east for a couple of days.

What I really wanted to do was take them to a sandy beach and sit there for an hour or two and watch them play. The reality of that is never as good as I imagine it to be! So we took a detour from our planned route, to let them stretch their legs, and we went to Bedgebury Pinetum. What we thought would be a short walk turned into a few hours!

I have been there once before. Quite a long time ago now. And I remembered the way to what I thought was the only play area.

I have noticed recently that my 10 year old son doesn’t really play anymore, he just likes to climb stuff. And my (nearly 12 year old) daughter likes to sit on swings and play on her phone. She was instagramming whilst at the park! So as they were easily bored by this play area, which was well suited to smaller children, we decided to go for a walk. So we went round the corner and there was another play area!

And every time we would walk on, we kept discovering new play areas. And there was enough to keep all ages interested. The older children especially loved the assault course. The 4 year old just loves to play on anything.

We were there for hours! Even walking through the forest the kids had a great time. Apparently it looked like a scene from the Temple Run app so they took it in turns to run away from each other.

It really is a beautiful place, and there was so much to do. So in the end I did have a wonderful birthday with my lovely kiddies. When my husband reads this I know he’s going to be gutted he missed it.

You can find more details about visiting Bedgebury Pinetum on the Forestry Commision website by clicking here.

Have you visited? Please tell us about it in a comment below…

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