Bolsover Castle 

Bolsover Castle Audio Tour with Kids

English Heritage Audio Tour of Bolsover Castle with Kids in Derbyshire

Family Time at Bolsover Castle

I have wanted to visit Bolsover Castle for a while now, and it jumped to the top of my to-visit list when I read that it is one of the most haunted buildings in England. Perfect for Halloween.

Since our daughter turned 12, it feels like she has had her own things to do and hasn’t been travelling with us very much. I was hoping to take her along for these family days out for as long as I can – but she is growing too independent and I can’t stop it!

Today is the day to take Grandma home after spending the half term week with her. We arranged to meet my sisters, and my niece and nephew, at Bolsover Castle. My nephew loves my daughter, he calls her “teddy bear” and he was so disappointed that she wasn’t there.

I don’t get to see my family as much as I would like, as they are all over the country (and the world!) So the days we get together are really special for me, and Max especially loves to spend time with his 3 year old cousin.

kids audio tour of bolsover castleIt was much easier for me to have extra helpers around today, and not have to constantly head count the children (sometimes it feels like that’s all I do when I am out with them). I could even take some time to enjoy it.

We weren’t planning on doing the audio tour of Bolsover Castle because the children have short attention spans, I thought it might be more trouble than it was worth but the kids loved it, even the younger ones. They thought they were phones so quite often I caught them trying to take selfies or make phone calls.

The older children were actually using them and learning about the castle. They were touch screen, and interactive, which I think is absolutely brilliant for children these days.

The adults were all taking photos, and afterwards we shared them with each other so I feel really spoilt for choice in choosing photographs for my blog. It’s lots of fun when you can share your hobby with others.

School gave me advice with one of my children to use certain language queues to deal with behaviour. So when they misbehave, I say “that is not appropriate” and school uses the same phrase, and they have learnt what it means. It got to a point during the tour where I was hearing it a lot from the children! “Look at that painting! That is not appropriate!”, “Look at that fountain…” etc. I find it difficult to explain why nudity is acceptable in art, so if someone has the answer then please let me know.

There was one scary moment when the English Heritage tent blew away but my husband was around to help save the day. My hero.

The children also enjoyed the play area. It had a castle theme, and it wasn’t very big but that’s ok because it also wasn’t very busy today.

We have moved!

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