Brandon Country Park

The weather has been absolutely amazing for the past two months, it was inevitable that it would start to rain as we packed our car for our summer holiday in Norfolk. It’s ok though because it didn’t last long and by the time we reached Suffolk the sun was shining again.

We didn’t schedule a stop, we pulled off the main road when we got to Thetford, and followed the first brown sign we saw, which took us to Brandon Country Park.

Sam started to walk earlier this month (you might remember he was nearly walking when we visited Rookery Open Farm). Now when we pause our journey so the kids can stretch their legs, it includes Sam too. The older children ran into the woods while Sam walked slowly holding my hand. I wanted to put him in the pushchair to keep up with everyone else, then Daddy came to the rescue and gave Sam a stick. He didn’t let go of it the whole time we were there. He then walked (still slowly) holding Daddy’s hand – the stick in the other hand, poking at everything he could. He is definitely still at the age when everything is cute “ahhh – look! Sam’s got a stick!”

The forest path we followed was really short and took us in a loop back towards the car park. I’m sure the country park was bigger than this because there are bike trails etc, but as this 5 minute trail took us straight to a massive play area near the car park we were happy with that.

I love this swing! I’m assuming it’s designed for children and parents – but Isabel, who is in between both age groups, wanted to have a go. I would have liked to go on with Sam, but instead I wore my arms out pushing him the old fashioned way. Happy that it kept Isabel off her phone, which is the only thing she really does in a playground these days.

George was back doing what he usually does – climbing. Maybe I have 1 more summer of photos of him sitting on top of stuff? If I’m lucky.

Oliver was setting himself little challenges on the obstacle course. He was timing himself so I’m not sure how accurate it was – but he beat his own time the second time round!

Max loves a good play area. He was absolutely in his element. Also, he usually has such a good eye for a photo. He sits somewhere and asks me to take it and generally it comes out well. If I’m trying to take a candid shot of Max 9/10 times it will be blurry because he is always moving so fast! This time he crouched in a tree and it makes me laugh… so even though it’s just a photo of a young boy crouched in a tree, here it is.

“Winging it” probably isn’t the best strategy for us when we are taking the kids somewhere. On the way out we found that a short drive away from Brandon Country Park is High Lodge Thetford Forest, which is run by the Forestry Commission (like Bedgebury Pinetum in Kent, and Fineshade Wood in Northamptonshire). We will have to come back to Suffolk now to see how they compare.

If you are thinking of visiting Brandon Country Park, you can find more information on their website.

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