Buddy V’s at the Venetian

Almost a year ago (when Samuel was a newborn baby) the kids and I started watching The Cake Boss. I would sit and feed Samuel and we would watch the show – episode after episode, and we would look forward to the next feed time and the next episode. The kids would say they wanted to go to Carlos’ Bakery in New Jersey and buy a cannoli. So when we found out that Buddy Valastro had opened his own restaurant ‘Buddy V’s’ in Las Vegas we booked a table (months in advance might I add!). We were very excited.

The restaurant is based inside the Venetian Hotel, which I read is one of the best places to take the kids on the Las Vegas strip. We were excited to see the canals and the Carnivale di Venezia (jugglers, stilt walkers, opera singers, and living statues that entertain people in the “streets”).

When we arrived at Buddy V’s one of the first things George asked was “Is Buddy here?”. He wasn’t because he was in Rio opening another restaurant there, but we were being served by Buddy’s cousin, Giorgio. If you watch the show then you will know that Carlos’ Bakery is a family business, and Buddy V’s is too. After a conversation with Giorgio, and a photo op, he gave us an invitation to eat at Buddy V’s in London when it opens in summer 2019.

We had a booth near the window with views of the Vegas Strip. The kids enjoyed looking out the window, we had a good view of Trump’s hotel.

The staff at Buddy V’s really look after you and make you feel like a guest in their home. The menu is inspired by Buddy’s favourite family recipes. We never ran out of drinks, and the food was served quickly. There was also live music, which was excellent, and the place had a great atmosphere.

Giorgio told us that they are best-known for their pasta, so I ordered the best lasagne I have ever had, and Max had a delicious Mac and Cheese. The others all ordered pizza which of course was delicious too. One of the disappointing things about jet lag is that by dinner time, it would be the early hours of the morning in London, you are not as hungry as you think you would be so a lot of the pizza was left over. Thankfully they let us box it up and we ate it the next day on our long drive to Zion.

When I booked the meal months ago I was able to specify that this was for a special occasion – my husband’s birthday – which is this weekend. After the meal they brought Ben a Birthday cake which came as a surprise.

We ordered dessert even though we weren’t very hungry after the main meal. We had come all this way to try a cannoli! Cannoli are a cinnamon pastry, filled with ricotta cream, with pistachios and chocolate chips. I loved them but the kids were a little disappointed, I think they were expecting them to be sweeter.

We loved Buddy V’s Ristorante and we can’t wait to go again when they open in London. If you want more information about visiting then please see Buddy V’s website.

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