Calico Ghost Town

We have had such an amazing time in Los Angeles, but today is time to move to our next stop on the road trip – Las Vegas. We filled up with a big breakfast at the hotel and we were on the road by 7:30am.

On the road between Los Angeles and Los Vegas is Calico Ghost Town.

In March 1881, Calico was a boomtown, producing $86million in Silver. Now it is a County Regional Park, the Official State Silver Rush Ghost Town (the Official State Gold Rush Ghost Town is Bodie).

We arrived mid-morning which was the best time because it was very quiet. It probably wouldn’t be the same experience if you were at a Ghost town with thousands of other people.

Most of the stores on the main road through the town now have vendors in them, there are leather shops, gift shops, restaurants, and a saloon.

You have to pay to enter the town, and while you are there you can pay to do extra activities such as walk into the mine, ride on a train around the hills, and pan for gold.

We went to the saloon for a drink, and we had the most delicious sarsaparilla (root beer) float.

Oliver was disappointed that we didn’t walk into the mine, because he was planning on filling his pockets with silver. Apparently there is still silver in the hills, but it costs more to process it than it is actually worth. We settled for panning for gold instead so they all brought home a little bag of gold as a souvenir.

I am so glad we found this town on our way to Vegas. We loved it. It worked out to be quite expensive when you add on all the extras, but if you only have one opportunity to see a ghost town in your life then I think it’s worth it!

We have moved!

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  1. I love the desolation of abandoned places, there is something so evocative about them. Great photos, this would definitely be on my list of places to stop en route! #fearlessfamtrav

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