California – Monrovia Falls

We arrived in Los Angeles late last night, and by the time we checked in to the hotel we had been awake for 24 hours. Organising the kids for bedtime was a chore because the only thing we wanted to do at that time was go to sleep, but once it was done the kids slept soundly all night… well, until 4am. That meant an early breakfast and an early start for us.

After a very sedentary day travelling yesterday, we started today with a short hike to Monrovia Falls.

We started from the car park at Monrovia Canyon. There was a sign that said it was 3/4 mile. I’m not sure if it has ever been measured, but it felt like much further to me! I was carrying Samuel in the sling because the path was not pushchair friendly.

As we started on our route there were several warnings about bears in the area, and one sign that said that to avoid bears hikers need to make noise. So the walk turned into a bear hunt. With the amount of noise my kids make, I’m pretty sure they will never see a bear! The only wildlife they saw today was a couple of squirrels.

Most of the talk was about bears, and how they might see one, and pretending they did. Then we realised that bear would be mine (Clare) and my husband’s (Ben) celebrity name. But I suppose technically it would be Bare.

The path was fairly narrow so at some points we could only walk in single file, especially because the path would run alongside a steep drop. In the past this would have freaked me out, but Sam was safe in the carrier, and the older children are now experienced hikers. They enjoyed climbing off the trail whenever possible.

When we arrived at the falls, the waterfall itself was a little unimpressive, but I do love the sound of waterfalls, and the beauty, and the kids liked that they could get close enough to touch it.

It was a good start to our road trip. Tomorrow we are heading to Hollywood!

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