California Science Center

Day 3 of our holiday, and the last day in Los Angeles (for now). We will be heading to Las Vegas first thing tomorrow morning.

Yesterday’s day in Hollywood was so much fun, today was going to be hard to beat it.

We are all starting to feel a bit tired now, so even though we wanted to go to the Science Center today, we didn’t want to spend a lot of time there. I’m only writing this post to let you know that I saw the coolest thing I have ever seen in a museum. Ever.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the King Tut exhibit that was advertised everywhere, it is new to the Science Center and was sold out. (Just so you know, I have an inner conflict right now whether I should be writing centre or center. I haven’t been in America long enough to feel comfortable with using center)!

The Science Center was heaving, there were large groups of students on school trips and they had some great interactive displays (if you could get to them). They had a huge amount Space related items on display, we walked through several rooms before we led outside to a hangar that contained the Space Shuttle Endeavour!

I know that photos will not have the same effect as walking into the hangar without realising that the next thing you would see is a real-life, have-been-into-space, absolutely ginormous, take-your-breath-away Space Shuttle. The kids weren’t nearly as impressed as they should have been. The older two were tall enough to reach up and touch the underside (they didn’t see the sign that said “no touching”).

Really, really cool.

Really cool.

From there we were booked in to watch the IMAX movie: Hubble 3D. There were other movies to choose from but I wanted to continue with the space theme. It was such an amazing movie! I had no idea how much Space is out there – BILLIONS of galaxies. BILLIONS! I’m not sure how much the kids learnt from the experience (it seems that they already knew all of this), so I think this day was mostly for me and Ben.

The kids were keen to get back and swim at the hotel pool. A relaxing afternoon before our drive into the Nevada desert tomorrow.

We have moved!

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