Canons Ashby – Silver Bells Trail at Christmas Time

Taking kids to the Silver Bells Trail at Canons Ashby. Christmas 2017

Silver Bells Trail at Canons Ashby Christmas 2017

Max has been feeling poorly for the last few days, and today has woken up his usual energetic self. The house has been turned upside down recently due to the fact I have been decorating 2 bedrooms, it was time to get out and run around.

Canons Ashby is our nearest National Trust property, and their Silver Bells trail sounded like some Christmas fun.

We usually buy the one trail for them to share, but because George was disappointed that he didn’t get a prize when he finished the Halloween trail at Coombe Country Park with cousins, and not wanting to share a prize with his brothers, he bought his own from the shop with his pocket money.

The trail was in the paddock where they had hung different types of bells from the trees and displayed names of Christmas songs which the children had to write on their sheet. It was fun because they got to ring the bells when they found them, and they were quite low down so younger children could reach.

They played in the wild play area, and when it started to rain we headed back to the shop to claim the prize. They handed the boys a pack each, which contained a chocolate coin and a kazoo.

These kazoos worked really well, too well in fact. Our next thing to do was to go into the house – with the boys, with kazoos.

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t a lot of fun for me. Carrying a baby, chasing a 4 year old, threatening my 10 year old under my breath to stop him playing the kazoo.

There got to a point where I thought I just need to get out of there as quickly as possible! I could see the way we came in – just at the end of the Hall – but the ladies working in the house kept telling me “you have to go this way”. Stressss. Just let me out!! We followed the route, the house isn’t very big so there were only a couple of rooms to walk through. The guides were friendly and understanding that I had my hands full.

I spent some time in the gift shop, and as it’s nearly Christmas, I have chosen some gifts to give away. Follow me on Facebook for more details.

You can also watch a video of our visit on YouTube.

We did have a good time, but I wondered who decided to choose the kazoos?!

The Silver Bells trail is on at Canons Ashby Christmas 2017. You can see what’s on at Canons Ashby on the National Trust Website. So even if you miss this event, there are always activities for the children held during school holidays.

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