Canons Ashby

A Day With The Kids at Canons Ashby, National Trust in Northamptonshire

Kite Making at Canons Ashby

My daughter is at work with her Dad today, and I am at home with the boys. She was awake by 5.30 (I thought that would never happen!) and cycled to the train station to go into London. They keep sending me photos of her looking too grown up.

I have been feeling a bit burnt out for the last few days, we have been spending time at home recharging and getting on top of the back-to-school stuff. There’s extra to do this year with the 4 year old about to start school.

But today I knew I had to make an effort to get the boys out of the house. We went to Canons Ashby (National Trust), who have their “50 Things Thursday” throughout the summer, and this week was kite making.
My plan was to have a look around the gardens and picnic before they make their kites, otherwise I am left holding 3 kites while pushing the pushchair around!

The boys really enjoyed the garden. They spent a lot of time looking at the vegetable patch. They grow a lot of fruit and vegetables there, and the boys were trying to identify what was growing. It would be nice if we had room for vegetables in our garden, but we don’t, so they haven’t really seen a vegetable patch like it.

The house wasn’t open so we didn’t get to go inside today. We usually wouldn’t go inside anyway, guaranteed one of them will get told off for touching something that they shouldn’t. But because the gardens were quite small it would have been good to have the option. I looked on the website and it’s closed every Thursday. Typical that I would go on the day it is closed.

But it was nice to have the kite making, even though the boys seemed more interested in flying the kites than making them (They kept trying to leave with unfinished kites!), so after they had made them – and it didn’t take long – we found somewhere to fly them.

activities at canons ashby kite making

It was a little frustrating for them because it wasn’t a very windy day. This is how it ended…

You can find more details about visiting Canons Ashby on the National Trust Website.

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    1. Thanks. The kids are growing up so fast! I don’t know how long we have left to travel together but I’m enjoying it for now 🙂 – Clare x

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