Capitol Park, Sacramento

The drive from Salt Lake City to San Francisco is an 11 hour drive (736 miles!) By far the longest on our Roadtrip and there is really not very much to do along the way. The first few hours of the journey run alongside the Bonneville Salt Flats, which is where they go to break the land speed record because it is flat and desolate.

One idea was to take an hour’s detour to Lake Tahoe, but as it is ski season and we didn’t want to ski so it didn’t seem worth adding the extra driving time onto our journey. We passed by the snow in the mountains, spent the night in Reno, and continued our long drive in the morning. About 2 hours before we arrived in San Francisco, we passed through the Capitol (capital) of California – Sacramento – and it was sunny.

My California guide book said that if you visit the Capitol building you could “see the Terminator’s portrait”. Now you’re going to think I’m a little bit ditzy, but after two weeks on the road I’m actually a little bit disconnected from reality. I said to Ben “why would they have a portrait of the terminator? Surely it can’t be THE terminator, maybe it’s a nickname?”, and then he reminded me of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger… and I googled to see if his portrait was him dressed as the terminator. It disappointingly is not.

We didn’t go inside the Capitol Building, but instead walked around Capitol Park which is the park surrounding the building.

It surprised me how peaceful it was in the Capitol. There were people walking through the park, but the streets were quiet. There were women dressed in beautiful dresses, which I supposed was something to do with a nearby wedding.

The gardens were beautiful, and we are glad we stopped here to see the Capitol of California. After all, we are trying to see as much of the Golden State while we can.

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