Castle Ashby Gardens

A Day With The Kids at Castle Ashby, Historical House and Gardens in Northamptonshire

Taking the Preschoolers to Castle Ashby

The children all went back to school this week, and my 4 year old started school too. He is only doing 2 1/2 hours in the morning at the moment, which is so hard when you have to work around the schedule of a baby, and other school runs to do.

But today we are trying to make the most of it and we have taken a little afternoon trip out to Castle Ashby gardens.

We came here earlier in the year and I was very pregnant and couldn’t waddle far, so I wanted to come back and have a proper look around. We asked the lady when we bought our tickets what the best thing would be to see, because recently we seem to have a habit of missing out on all the best things!

She said we should visit the menagerie, and it didn’t disappoint. There was a lot of excitement in trying to spot the marmosets, who moved very quickly. There were also ducks, chipmunks, giant rabbits, goats, pigs and meerkats.

The gardens were beautiful. I even took the baby out the pushchair for photos! (I don’t know if anyone else feels like they’ve got more photos of their babies in the pushchair than anywhere else!)

castle ashby conservatory

I’m now watching Max play in the play area. He has been pretending to be a monkey, even though he can’t move as fast as them. He has been trying to encourage some other children to play his game, but there is a parent nearby who keeps telling him “they know what to do” and “leave them alone, they’re playing together”. I wish he had his big brothers here on his side. They would be brilliant monkeys!!

If you would like to visit, you can find more details on the Castle Ashby website.

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