Cattows Farm

Pumpkin Picking with Kids at Cattows Farm Leicestershire October Halloween

Pumpkin Picking at Cattows Farm

A few years ago we had a really bad experience pumpkin picking. We went to a different farm, based on a friend’s recommendation, but when we got there the field was empty. We had to wait for a truck to bring more pumpkins to the field, and dump them on the ground in front of the crowds of people waiting to “pick” their pumpkins (out of a pile).

This year I wanted to have a better experience, so we went to Cattows Farm in Leicestershire.

wheelbarrows at cattows farm

We borrowed a wheelbarrow, and walked down to the pumpkin patch together (Max rode in the wheelbarrow). The kids were very excited and wanted to run off to find the perfectly shaped, well sized, orange-all-over pumpkin. They did find a few.

pumpkins at cattows farm

I had read online that they had many varieties at Cattows, so we kept looking around. Initially we thought we would only buy one or two pumpkins, but the kids were so excited about the ones they found we ended up with more than we had planned.

After we had finished picking the pumpkins, we took them to the farm shop to pay. This lot came to £7.50. We were really pleased with the price as the kids had enjoyed the activity so much. There was no entry fee to the farm, you only pay for what you pick.

Please check the Cattows Farm website for visitors information.

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