Coombe Country Park

A Day With The Kids at Coombe Country Park, Warwickshire

Outdoor Play and Pumpkin Trail at Coombe Country Park

We are making the most of the Country Parks this month. We have recently visited Irchester (Northamptonshire), Beacon Hill (Leicestershire), and Marston Vale (Bedfordshire). Today we visited Coombe Country Park in Warwickshire.This one was more special for me because we went to meet my cousin whom I haven’t seen for 25 years!

We both have children now, and we sat down together to catch up while the kids played together in the play area. One of the beautiful things about children is their ability to make friends quickly.

My daughter is back from her school trip to Germany. She got back at midnight and I thought the fresh air would be good for her. I didn’t realise actually that I would mostly regret that decision as she is currently a grumpy, sleep deprived pre-teen. Here she is, resembling a sloth.

Coombe Country Park had activities planned for October half term, and we decided we would to the pumpkin trail with the kids. The kids love this sort of thing, one of my kids always takes it more seriously than the others. I think he is motivated by the promise of a prize.

half term at coombe country park

The trail took us around the park. Past the redwood trees, the lake with ducks, the beautiful abbey, and in the woods there was a huge climbing frame for the children. It wasn’t very suitable for the younger children, my 4 year old needed a lot of help climbing – but he wanted to go much higher than was reasonable (and he did fall off a couple of times, once resulting with a rope burn on his chest).

redwood at coombe country park
play area at coombe country park

We had a good day at Coombe Country Park, I love to spend time with family. Sadly it ended with an epic meltdown because I didn’t buy a certain little boy an ice cream (it was cold and drizzly). You know those days where you would want your kids to be on their best behaviour and they just…aren’t? At least I had a quiet car on the way home as two extremely tired, grumpy children fell asleep!

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