December 2017 Roundup

Wow it’s 2018. Isabel (12) noted that on New Years Eve, all the adults of the world were born in the last Millennium and all the children of the world were born in this one. Kids have a way of making you feel old, don’t they? Especially now, as she will be choosing her GCSE options this month!!

Snow Days

We had snow in early December. The kids love snow (of course!) and for a few days they spent short periods outdoors playing in the snow, and then coming back indoors to warm up.

Two of the schools my children attend were closed for a day, but George (10) still had to go in. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy to persuade him to go while all his siblings stayed at home, but he did go, and he spent his break times building snowmen on the school field with his friends. He was rewarded the following week for his 100% attendance for the term and he got to watch a movie (with popcorn!) one afternoon at school.

While George was at school, I took the kids to the local soft play and Sam (7 months) was able to play for the first time. He just wanted to lick everything so he didn’t play for long!

Family Time

This has been a month for family. Bens parents came to stay one weekend, my Mum and her husband came to visit before flying off to America for a few weeks, and on Boxing Day we saw my sisters and their families, my Dad, his wife, and the twins.

We also have spent the Christmas period at home, playing board games (mostly Monopoly, Risk, and Cluedo), eating food, watching movies, going for walks, and general relaxing Christmastime family things.

Days Out

This month we followed the Silver Bells Trail at Canons Ashby in Northamptonshire, and as part of our Christmas Tradition, we went on the Santa’s Steam Special at Leighton Buzzard Railway in Bedfordshire.


We had a very relaxing Christmas Day at home together. This is the first year we have been on our own, we usually spend Christmas with family, but we enjoyed it very much and were able to start our own traditions. On Christmas Eve we played Monopoly kids vs adults, and if the kids won then they could open a present of their choosing on Christmas Eve! And they won! I’m pretty sure they are going to want to repeat that next year too.

New Years

We didn’t stay up to celebrate the new year. The kids wanted to, but I didn’t want them to stay up unsupervised, and I didn’t want to supervise because as an insomniac with a teething baby I couldn’t imagine voluntarily losing out on sleep (and now we’re back to how my children make me feel old).

But happy New Year everyone – I am excited to see what 2018 brings.

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