Descanso Gardens, Los Angeles

The second day of our road trip we went to Descanso Botanical Gardens in Los Angeles. Another early start for us jet-lagged brits, and it was already hot! We were told that we had great weather when we there, which we took for granted because we just assumed that it was always this sunny in California.

They had a beautiful Japanese theme garden, with a cherry tree in blossom, lilacs and magnolia trees. Isabel enjoys taking photos for her instagram account, and she got some great shots of the flowers. She really does have a talent for photography.

It reminded me a little bit of visiting an English garden, except it was sunny and dry. At the bottom of the hill they had roses, and tulips, but as you walk up the hill it becomes more rocky and desert-like, and they have cacti which impressed the boys.


We stopped at the fountain at the bottom of the hill near the Rose Garden. As Max was staring into the fountain, there was a kind man sitting nearby who gave him a quarter to make a wish. Max threw it into the fountain and wished for an ice cream (which he got the next day at Ghirardelli in Hollywood). People have been so kind to us, and a lot of the older people that we have met said that we remind them of their family. They smile as they say it, so that must be a good thing!

On Tuesdays and Sundays they have a miniature train that runs through the garden, you get to see parts of the garden that you wouldn’t otherwise see. Plus its fun and Max LOVES trains, so we went for a short ride. Sam was able to go on it too, as long as the baby can sit on the bench then it’s fine. Although he did keep trying to grab George who was sitting in front.

After the train ride we found the small hedge maze, and we let Sam out of the pushchair to do a little exploring of his own as the older kids ran around the maze playing “tag”. Sam is enjoying the sunshine, I don’t think he remembers the sun – he was only teeny tiny the last time it was hot!

Descanso Gardens is beautiful, they also have an art gallery and a house that is open to visitors. You can find more information about these on their website.

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