Green Dragon Eco Farm

A Day Out With The Kids at Green Dragon Eco Farm Buckinghamshire

Spending Time with Max at Green Dragon Eco Farm

October is my favourite month to get outside with the kids – and because it is the month of Halloween, they usually go in costume. It was a great time to take Max to Green Dragon Eco Farm.

It feels like a while since we have been anywhere, we have spent September getting back into the groove of school routines, and various illnesses and now I find myself with Max at home for (hopefully only one) day. We were home all weekend and today we needed some fresh air and some quality time.

Also… I want to mention here that I got a new phone and I am loving taking more photos of the kids, the camera is amazing. The biggest problem now is getting the kids to cooperate. And today I am testing my photography skills with children and animals!

Max loves anything with wheels so having a choice of ride-on vehicles near the entrance distracted him from all the goodies in the shop (he wanted everything).

From there we went to see the animals. We bought some sheep and goat feed on our way in, and Max was keen to feed the goats. It is a rare breed centre so there were different breeds of goats nearby. He really enjoyed feeding them, it was well worth the extra 50p to see Max’s giggles as they licked the food off his hand.

feeding goats at green dragon eco farm

We walked through the Pygmy goat enclosure, which is pushchair friendly. You can touch the Pygmy goats, but Max didn’t really want to – he said to them “excuse me, can you get off the path?”. And they did.

Green Dragon Eco Farm has a room with smaller animals and reptiles, which we spent more time in than I would have liked – snakes, mice, hedgehogs, stick insects, gekkos and a bearded dragon. Max was enthralled.

I won’t list all the animals there, because it’s a good sized farm, and they have a lot! We walked around for a while looking at the animals. We managed to get a peek at the reindeer hiding in the barn too.

The play area was lovely, it was big and there was plenty to do. He had trouble climbing onto the giant bouncy pillow but he soon got the hang of it.

When we had finished exploring outside, we went into the play barn where they also serve food and I had the most delicious burger. Yes, it was worth the mention. They use their own meat in their cafe and homegrown produce.

We had such a good time. Is there a better way to beat the blues than a day on the farm? Especially in the autumn.

If you are thinking of visiting and would like more information, please visit the Green Dragon Eco Farm website.

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