Hoover Dam

We have arrived in Nevada! Last week our friends drove the same route as us, Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, and we have been following their pictures on Instagram. They stayed in Las Vegas longer than our one night (where we are trying to cram in as much as possible) and they went to the Hoover Dam – which is an hour drive from the Las Vegas strip. When Ben saw that is was close enough to get to, we changed our plans and made it our first destination in Nevada.

The Hoover Dam is massive, and this is the point in the trip where I realise that I am describing everything as massive. Everything in America is big! 

We parked near the Dam and walked down the steps towards it. The kids ran ahead because they were eager to see. When we approached, Oliver was already sitting on the wall. A wall that had a 220m drop the other side! From that second on, I hated the Hoover Dam. 

One of the things I love about Ben is his enthusiasm for everything, even boring things like dams, and he gets the kids excited. I’m the one who keeps them alive. I make sure they keep both feet on the ground, and don’t kill themselves by falling over walls with gigantic drops, even if they do think it would be fun if the Dam was a giant slide!

I did appreciate that the Dam was an engineering masterpiece, and I like the fact that we were able to take the kids to see something that they would never see back home in England. After a short walk and few photographs we got back in the car and drove towards the Las Vegas strip to make our dinner reservation at Buddy V’s.

We have moved!

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