Marston Vale Millennium Country Park

A Day With The Kids at Marston Vale Country Park Bedfordshire

Autumnal Walk at Marston Vale Millennium Country Park

I can’t believe I had never heard of Marston Vale Millennium Country Park before, considering that it is so close to home. This morning I was reading Wiki Places for Kids (activities and days out – added by parents, for parents) looking for some inspiration, and I found it.

The Forest of Marston Vale is a large environmental regeneration project in between Bedford and Milton Keynes. It covers 61 square miles. They have a visitors centre, cycle hire, play area, cafe and numerous walking routes at Marston Vale Millenium Country Park. And it’s free to visit. They do ask for £1 donation for parking.

We are expecting a storm later today, so we didn’t want to walk to far, or do anything that might make it difficult for us to make a dash back home when we needed to. We started at the play area.

play area at marston vale millennium country parkplay area at marston vale millennium country parkplay area at marston vale millennium country parkplay area at marston vale millennium country park

The cafe and picnic area overlook the play area, so maybe if we weren’t such big kids at times it would have been nice to sit with my husband and have a hot chocolate while the kids played.

It is just the boys today. I am so outnumbered! Our daughter is on a school trip in Germany. It is the strangest thing to have my child in another country without me!! The boys have been a good distraction though. So no pictures of her, and actually no pictures of the baby either who was wrapped up warm, and safely in the pushchair.

Marston Vale Millennium Country Park has a visitors centre, and we went in and asked about the best route to take, they were very helpful. We did wander off the main path and it started getting steep, muddy, and slippery. But then we decided that it was best not to continue that way and turned back.

Marston Vale Millennium Country Park also has a wind turbine, that you can get right up close to. It was massive, I had no idea how tall those things really are. They scare me a little, especially on a windy day like today. But the boys just loved it.

wind turbine millennium country park bedfordshire

The plan was to walk to the corner of the lake, near the local train station. They have a small branch line, and the trains are only 1 or 2 carriages long. The boys wanted to see, and as we approached the station, the barriers of the level crossing were going down. After the train passed through, the boys wanted to cross the road (and back again). Of course, they walked as slowly as possible while I freaked out that another train might suddenly appear out of nowhere and hit us all. (Ok, I might worry too much about outrageous hypothetical situations)

On the way back we picked apples and collected conkers. Max tried to catch a falling leaf, but couldn’t quite get one. It was funny to watch.

What a great start to the October half term.

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