Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point

We have been staying at my brothers house for the past few days, I don’t see him very often (because he lives in Utah with his family, and we live in England) and it was lovely to spend the weekend catching up and resting after the busy week we had in California.

Monday morning we rounded up the kids (10 of them!) and headed to the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point. We were looking for something to do indoors because it is cold here in Utah, and it was predicted to rain.

We went to the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point about 11 years ago, which was the last time we brought the kids to Utah. Ahh… look at little George and Isabel (who are now 11 and 12!)

It was beautiful then, and we were disappointed that the weather wasn’t going to allow us to go again this time. But it gave us the opportunity to go somewhere new.

Of course all the children like to enter the museum through this cute little door (even if they are too tall!) The Museum of Natural Curiosity is a huge indoor play area with lots of things for children to explore. Broken down into different play zones, each with its own theme.

It is spring break in Utah this week so it was absolutely packed. Each time we went to a new zone an adult would sit by the exit to make sure nobody escaped. That way, the kids could explore and nobody would go missing. Some of the zones were larger than others and more difficult to keep track of the kids.

When I was sitting by the exit of the water zone, I was watching the people around me. Children of Utah seem to have some interesting and unique names. I was sitting next to a mom whose child was named after a vacuum cleaner (what??).

There was so much for the children to explore, they all had a great time. There were even things to occupy the older children (they allow children up to the age of 13), and areas for under 3’s.

Soft play, outdoors areas, water play, a mini town including dressing up, a puppet theatre, a bank, a music area, craft area to name a few… A great place for kids, you can find visitors information on the Thanksgiving Point website.

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