November 2017 Roundup

I can’t believe November is over, it went by in a blur! As soon as October half term finished, the cold weather arrived and this is the main reason we haven’t been out and about as much. We have opted to embrace afternoons watching movies, drinking hot chocolate, and whilst we have been stuck indoors we have made some changes in our home.

The month started with this little munchkin turning 6 months old. He is a happy little fella, rarely cries, and loves attention – he gets a lot of it. He loves trying new foods – he eats everything I give him, even though he doesn’t seem to like apples. He is also on the move – he doesn’t crawl yet, he rolls everywhere.

Last month Max got star of the week at school, and this month brought another star – Oliver. “For completing a challenging reading problem in Maths”

We went to watch the rugby together. This was something new for us, we have never been to a sporting event together as a family before. You can read about it on the blog post Saints Vs Dragons.

Max had his first ever school disco. He was looking forward to it, even though I’m not sure he knew what a disco was. He loved it so much, he cried when George went to his school disco the following week.

George went on a week-long residential with school. He went abseiling, rock climbing, archery, fencing, team building exercises, laser tag and so on and so on. They kept them busy all week and he had a great time!

For Remembrance Day, Ben took the children to sell poppies at Sainsbury’s. They had the 11am shift and were there for the 2 minutes silence.

I have spent the month decorating. It has been a challenge to find time with a baby in the house, which is why it has taken weeks to complete. We have moved the older boys into a smaller bedroom, and the younger boys into the bigger bedroom so that I can put the cot up this week. Samuel has outgrown his crib now.

We took the kids to Waddesdon Manor Christmas market and Lantern trail.

This week has been a bit emotional – my husband was taken to hospital in an ambulance early one morning. Fortunately it wasn’t anything too serious, and he was back home before the day was over.

I also started a YouTube channel this month. It doesn’t have much on there now, but I am excited about some projects I’ve got lined up. I made an introductory video, pop over to YouTube and take look.

So even though I have been quiet on the blog during November, it has been busy behind the scenes.

Hope you are all looking forward to Christmas now. The kids all have their advent calendars – even Samuel (but I am going to help him eat the chocolate!)

I have a few Christmassy trips lined up for December, but if the weather continues to be bitterly cold, we might just stay indoors!!

We have moved!

Please find us on our new blog Ben and Clare – a Family Lifestyle Blog to follow us on our new adventures

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3 thoughts on “November 2017 Roundup

  1. Could your children BE any cuter?! Can’t wait to see you all next summer, hopefully sooner! The two Samuels will take the world by storm, I’m sure. xxx

    1. That would be so fun – funnily enough I was thinking about it yesterday. We will come and see you in the summer for a few days. You could show me around, I have never been to your neck of the woods!! Xx

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