Old Inverlochy Castle

Taking the kids to Old Inverlochy Castle, Historic Scotland

Family Visit to Old Inverlochy Castle

Today was a rainy day in Fort William, so after our trip to Treasures of the Earth we went to explore Old Inverlochy Castle.

It is a Historic Scotland castle, and this one is free to visit.

The kids were so excited to just climb over the whole thing. George (10) said “this is so much fun, I love this”. But George just loves to climb, as I have mentioned before!

kids at old inverlochy castle

The only one who didn’t want to climb very high was the 4 year old (thank goodness!)

It has a big open area so you can just sit in the middle of the castle and watch the kids explore around. If the weather was nicer I could have happily sat on a blanket for a while as the children played.

I do trust the older children now with climbing on things, they seem to be quite sensible and have never fallen. But sometimes George takes things to the extreme. He is so confident in his abilities he thinks he is invincible so we did have a moment where I had to tell him to come back down.

It was very quiet and it was lovely to visit.

5 Facts about Old Inverlochy Castle

  1. Built circa 1270-1280.
  2. Site of 2 battles: the first and second battles of Inverlochy.
  3. It used to have a moat surrounding it, but that has gone now.
  4. Inverlochy castle was abandoned in 1694, in favour of a large timber Fort called Fort William.
  5. Located on the bank of the river Lochy.

If you would like more information about Old Inverlochy Castle, you can open the website by clicking here

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