Saints vs Dragons

Our first time at the Rugby – Saints vs Dragons

To be honest I have never understood why people are interested in sports, but I have a good friend who never misses a Northampton Saints game. When she suggested we came along to watch Saints vs Dragons it sounded like a good idea to give it a try.

They say you should write about what you know, but I know nothing about rugby. I used to work for a sports agent. He told me a story once about interviewing a girl for an office position and she claimed that she was a ruby fan. He thought he would try and catch her out and said “oh yeah? Union or league?” And it turned out she was blagging her way through the interview and had no idea how to answer. He gave her the job because he admired her for giving it a go! So this what I went to the Rugby knowing: there’s rugby union, and rugby league. I don’t know the difference either.

It was cold and dark, but we wrapped up warm and arrived early (but not too early) – our friends were already there. Isabel sat with her friends and spent 90% of the game on her phone. Ben sat next to Max, and I sat with the other boys.

Sam fell asleep straight away, and slept through the whole game. The good thing about him is that he is used to the noise – he even slept through Northamptonshire’s biggest fireworks display a few weeks ago.

Our friends explained the game to us, and when people would cheer I would ask “hang on, did something good happen?”, they would explain it to me and then I would explain it (as I understood it) to the boys. It didn’t take us long to get into it.

There were some very exciting moments where they would run quite far and score a try and the crowd would get up and cheer, and George seemed to instinctively know when to cheer. He asked me how I knew the words to “When the Saints come marching in”. Who doesn’t know it? I told George the words and he tried to sing along.

Meanwhile, Oliver is on the other side of me complaining “I’m hungry”, “I’m cold”, “I need the toilet” (there’s always one!) and Max was giving Ben hell (ok, there’s two!)

There were lots of children there, and I agree with what other people had told me: it is family friendly. There was a great atmosphere.

The evening was worth it because of how much George enjoyed it, and he said he would like to go again. I better understand why people enjoy sports, it got exciting at times, but I think it could be a Daddy and George thing to do in the future.

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