Stoke Bruerne Canal

Taking the Kids on a Canal Trip from Stoke Brurne into Blisworth Tunnel, Northamptonshire

Stoke Bruerne Canal Trip into Blisworth Tunnel

It took me a while to calm down from yesterday’s visit, and to decide if our visit to Stoke Bruerne was even worth the blog post. But because the 4 year old enjoyed this very much I thought I would. Maybe some day I will look back and laugh. That day is not today.

So I took the children to Stoke Bruerne Canal. When we arrived there were two boats passing through the lock so we walked down to watch. There was already a small crowd gathered and the children found it very interesting. I spent my time explaining to the 4 year old what they were doing and why. I was on my parenting a-game. Kids outdoors… learning…. everybody’s happy.

stoke bruerne canal boat at the lock

We then strolled back towards the car park, and the canal boat that takes you on a trip into Blisworth tunnel was just about to leave so we jumped right on. No waiting! Great – still winning.

on the canal boat at stoke bruerne

The boat goes along the canal, a few metres into Blisworth tunnel until you can’t see daylight anymore, then they turn off the lights so you are in pitch black but only for a few seconds, and then they turn the lights back on. The kids were loving it.

​​on the canal at stoke bruerne

Then as you head back along Stoke Bruerne canal, towards the canal museum, the operator stands up and gives some history of the tunnel and the surrounding area – all of which I found very interesting but the oldest two were too busy arguing to listen. So I separate them because, seriously, the man is trying to talk. We are on a boat, appreciating the beautiful day on the canal, aren’t we?

Then the trip comes to and end and they have to bring the boat back in against the pavement for everyone to disembark, so I turn and I say to the kids “be careful, keep your hands in, you’ll lose your fingers” and probably my most used mum-phrase “I don’t fancy a trip to hospital today, thank you” and I turn around so I can make sure the four year old is following instructions. Meanwhile, behind me, two of the children were sticking their hands out the window!!! The captain actually had to get off and tell them off. I was so embarrassed!

While this is happening, I’m getting snotty looks from the mum opposite whose son was as good as gold, sitting, watching, pointing things out “look, Mummy! A moor hen!” (He seriously said that).

So then I just rushed them to the car to take them home. We skipped the museum, gift shop, ice creams and a walk, which my daughter was looking forward to.

If you would like to visit, and see if your children can spot a moor hen, visit the Stoke Bruerne boats website for more information and timetable.

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