Treasures of the Earth

Our Visit to Treasures of the Earth Museum: Fun things to do with kids in Scotland

Taking Children to Treasures of the Earth

In Fort William we went to this cute little fossil and crystal museum called Treasures of the Earth.

We have taken the kids to museums before and left totally stressed because they weren’t interested, or they were touching things that they shouldn’t touch, but that wasn’t the case here. They loved it!

There were so many different precious rocks, I have never seen a collection like it before. There was so much excitement and calls of “look at this!”

gold crystals at treasures of the earth

They found it hard to believe it was real – they kept looking for signs of fakery, but couldn’t find any. They wouldn’t just take our word for it that it was all genuine!

As they are all huge minecraft fans, they were able too see samples of different rocks in real life.

Usually we would just rush the through gift shops, as you can imagine it’s not easy with 4 children saying “can I have…?” But the gift shop was just as interesting as the museum.

5 things to see at Treasures of the Earth

  1. The worlds largest gold nugget.
  2. Petrified wood.
  3. Life-sized T-Rex skull.
  4. Ultraviolet cave with glowing crystals.
  5. 7 foot tall amethyst geodes.

It isn’t a very big museum, but it is definitely worth a look if you are in the area. You can find more information on the Treasures of the Earth website.

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