Vindolanda Roman Fort

My brother recently shared with me an article of the best places to visit along Hadrian’s Wall. One of these is Vindolanda Roman Fort.

We arrived early in the day and it was very quiet. As soon as you enter there is a model of how the fort used to look, which give you an overview of the area, and interactive buttons to hear audio descriptions of the main areas.

We have been to roman villas before, but they were nothing compared to this in size. As you walk down the hill you can see the remains of an entire fort, and the kids couldn’t wait to start exploring.

I love places like this that give the children freedom to explore and because there are no high walls you can pretty much stand in one spot and see them all!

There were plenty of information boards all around describing what the buildings were and how they used to look. My 10 year old son was very interested and read them all and relayed all the information to us. The 4 year old loved to explore all the nooks and crannies and guess what they were for – according to him the romans had lots of “tunnels” although I didn’t see any!

It made me miss my brother. He lives in Denmark with his wife and 6 sons. They all would have loved it here.

Oh, and I should probably mention that we didn’t see Hadrian’s Wall here so our next stop is Hadrian’s Wall and Housesteads Fort.

What did the kids think? –

“It was fun to climb on the ruins” – Isabel, Age 11

“It was quite fun because we got to run around, read the signs and see the model. I especially liked the stone tower” – George, Age 10

If you are thinking of visiting, you can open their website by clicking here.

Have you visited? Please tell us about it in a comment below…

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