Warwick Castle 

October half term at Warwick Castle

A Day Out With The Kids at Warwick castle during Halloween October half term Warwickshire

Half Term at Warwick Castle

Our Merlin passes expire this week, and I wanted to use them one more time “to get our money’s worth”. Warwick Castle is our nearest Merlin attraction. Could I handle taking the kids to Warwick on my own? No. I don’t think I could. But fortunately I didn’t have to because my mum is here!!

A few months ago my sister, who lives in America, said to me that Warwick Castle is on her UK bucket list when she brings her children to visit. My reaction was “why? I can think of better castles” and today’s trip did not change my mind.

Yes, the children had fun, but for me it is hard work. It is crowded and expensive (even when you are a Merlin pass holder).

On the plus side, they put on lots of shows and events throughout the day. Down side is they are often so busy that I can’t see or navigate past people with a pushchair and children walking by my side.

They were doing potion making in the witches tower, and I went to get a time slot for my children. There was nothing until 5pm, and this was at midday! The fire jousting sounded cool, but that wasn’t until after dark and I can’t cope with that many cold, tired, (probably hungry) children. Also most of the Halloween events catered for 10 years and over.

state room at warwick castle

The things I felt I could manage today were:

  1. The trebuchet display
  2. Viewing of the state rooms
  3. Horrible Histories maze
  4. Haunted Hollows Halloween trail

So, first of all, we missed the trebuchet display! (My fault, I know) We arrived as they were packing it away. But we sat and ate our lunch overlooking the river, with the peacocks wandering around.

We viewed the state rooms. You’re not able to take the pushchair inside so I had to carry the baby.

The Horrible Histories maze was crowded, and I stayed out with the pushchair (again). The kids went in with Grandma, and 2 of them managed to wander away and we lost them for about 10 minutes. In a maze! Stressful.

horrible histories maze warwick castle

After that I didn’t want them to play in the castle themed play area because I was worried I would lose them again. We did follow the Haunted Hollows Halloween trail (also not pushchair friendly), which for me was the best thing to do at Warwick this half term.

I would love to hear if you have had a better experience of Warwick Castle.

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