Whipsnade Zoo

Our First day out as a Family of 7

I have been a bit worried about taking everyone out for the day as a family of 7, but a few months ago (when I was still pregnant) I bought tickets for us all to go to Whipsnade Zoo. At the time I thought that was a bit risky because even though it’s June we have no idea what the weather would be doing. We did not expect it to be a hot and sunny 28 degrees and clear skies.

I don’t know if that made some of the animals more tired? There were some animals hiding out in the shaded areas, but the highlight of the day was watching the elephants cool themselves down – and everyone who was watching was wishing they were splashing about in the cool water I’m sure!

elephants at whipsnade zoo

Whipsnade Zoo was much bigger than I thought it would be, there was lots of walking to do, we didn’t realise until we were leaving that you can actually drive the outskirts of the zoo to get from one area to another and plenty of parking spaces on the way round.

We had a picnic in the shade of a tree, where I was also able to breastfeed the baby and I realise now that I didn’t have to be so worried about taking him out for the day. I also fed him while the kids played in the large outdoor play area.  It was a lovely stress-free day.

If you are thinking of visiting, you can find more information on the ZSL website

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