Zion National Park

Today we were faced with one of the longer drives on our Roadtrip – Las Vegas to Draper, Utah (via Zion National Park) is a 7 hour drive. We started the morning at Blueberry Hill diner in Las Vegas.

Yesterday was an expensive day! Calico Ghost Town and Buddy V’s had blown a lot of our budget, so when we found out that a very generous couple who were sitting in a booth behind us had settled our bill, we were extremely surprised and grateful. We also received comments on how well behaved our children were at breakfast. They were good, and I am so pleased to say that this behaviour lasted for the next three hours on our drive to Zion National Park.

When we arrived at Zion it was midday, which actually became 1pm as we drove into a different time-zone. It was HOT and the car park was full so we had to park in town. We soon realised that we weren’t prepared for this. We didn’t know that we would be encountering 25 degrees heat, and didn’t have enough shorts or sun hats. We changed Max and Oliver into their pyjama shorts because we thought they would be more comfortable than jeans (shhh… don’t tell anybody!) Sam has a sun hat that he refuses to wear, and keeps pulling off his head.

We also weren’t sure if we should be taking the pushchair into the park or not. There were people carrying their babies in slings, but their babies were tiny and Sam is not a light boy! About an hour in the sling is all I can manage. So we opted to take the pushchair, and we rode the free shuttle bus from the town to the entrance to Zion.

When inside Zion there is another shuttle bus that takes you to where you want to go inside the park. The furthest stop is a 45 minute ride, and apparently has a trail that is paved and would be good for pushchairs. We didn’t go that far so we went to the Emerald Pool Trail (also paved).

Zion National Park is a massive canyon, and the trails run along the base of the canyon and around the tall cliffs. I think you might get more from the experience if you were able to explore the more rugged trails, but we had to stick to the paved areas because of the pushchair.

The walk to the Lower Emerald Pool was narrow and winding, it was less than a mile with some inclines, but I was able to push the pushchair the whole way. There is a waterfall that falls over the pathway, and If there was more water then you would probably be able to stand behind the waterfall, but there wasn’t much falling and the kids stood beneath it to get splashed.

After the trail we relaxed on a grassy area, enjoying the scenery, while we discussed the rest of our day and decided we needed to hit the road.

We would have loved to spend more time there, but we had to make it work for us and sometimes travelling with kids of all different ages is not easy. After several stops for dinner, toilets, and nappy changes, we made it to our hotel at 10:30pm. The good news is that after 5 days we are finally adjusted to American time!

We have moved!

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